Alan Duncan

My interest in dance started way back in my first year of work when I won a series of free ballroom lessons at the Fred Astaire ballroom studios in Victoria Street, Wellington. I don't recall quite how I came to win but I do remember being somewhat intimidated by the lady teacher! However for the next year every second Saturday evening was spent dancing, Foxtrot, Quickstep, Gay Gordons, Veleta, Cha Cha etc. As years went by and my family grew dancing faded into the background.

In 1996 life had changed more than I had ever expected and when out one night I came across people having a great time doing what turned out to be modern jive. I was hooked and started my first class the very next night. Lessons continued for a couple of months before life took off in another direction but I came back to it April 2002.


- organised intermediate level consolidation practices on Sunday afternoons
- competed in the Australasian champs in Sydney in June.
- choreographed a team routine "Titanic", performed by 10 couples at the Simply Ceroc weekend
- moved to Auckland to dance more
- competed again in Australia in June
- Intermediate level finalist at the East & South Champs in Auckland.
- choreographed, with the others, 'Something Stupid', danced by 3 couples at the Simply Ceroc weekend.



- danced in the winning 'Can You Keep Up' team at East and South dance championships.
- gained my Ceroc Teacher certification, taught a 6 week programme on the Awhitu Peninsular,



- taught classes for one of the Ceroc franchises
- established THE LOFT



- performed for a concert, taught private lessons, coached couples for competitions and demos, and choreographed a wedding dance

And now - West Coast Swing!

I was one of those who saw Robert Cordoba and Deborah Szekeley dance at the Ceroc Nationals in 2005. When the opportunity came to try it in late 2006 the style immediately appealed to me and I loved the challenge of more technique and the "feel of the dance' which is very different from what I was used to. I was fascinated that it gave the women much more freedom and allowed an endless creative and expressive response to the music.


swingFX demo team - Smooth Attitude
swingFX demo team - Three Cool Cats



Semi-finalist, Jack & Jill, NZ WCS Competition 2009


Attended Swingsation in Brisbane



Two weeks full time at West Coast Swing Australia with Leanne Landells
Choreographed the "Firework" team routine with Leanne, completed with addtional material from Steve and Tina
Firework placed 1st at the NZ Open Swing Dance Championships

It's very exciting to be part of the swingFX team and I am looking forward to the popularity of the dance growing in the next few years.