How’s your joie de vivre?  Feeling a bit tired, run-down, or lacking energy?

We have a solution..

Have you thought of dancing as a fun way of keeping fit, reducing stress, meeting friendly people, and boosting your joy of living? 

Research shows we are on the right track to help you have more fun and feel great. We suggest you try partner dancing, West Coast Swing in particular. This smooth, not too fast style has all the benefits you need in a dance that’s fun to do. Pop into the studio at 8:00pm on a Monday evening and check us out.

West coast swing is a lead-follow partner dance that allows unparalleled freedom of expression and improvisation for both the follower and the leader. It has its origins in the swing dance styles of the 1930’s but has continued to evolve since then and is now danced to a wide range of music including blues, pop, R&B, usually below 115 beats per minute. There is no set order for patterns and the Follow responds to what is led. The style adapts easily to different speeds and moods. As your experience grows there is more and more opportunity to express what you hear in the music.

The LOFT Dance Studios are closed from November 23 2020

Basin View Lane, Panmure 1072