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An Intimate weekend with Myles and Tessa

Based in Vancouver, Canada, Myles Munroe and Tessa Cunningham are Champion West Coast Swing dancers. Ranked #1 in Canada and 2nd in the world in their division, they are the highest ranked international dancers on the NASDE circuit.

Street Swing are pleased to present an intimate weekend with these professional dancers, don’t miss this chance to learn from the best.

Saturday The Swing Literacy Intensive (4 hours)
Our signature Intensive, this is a powerful learning experience for both dancers and teachers.

This paradigm-shifting, progressive workshop focuses on the core fundamental skills that are holding most dancers back. Myles & Tessa deliver key techniques in a unique entertaining and accessible way, leaving students better able to connect and apply material they have collected from other dance training. Permanent improvement guaranteed.
(NOTE this link is for the Saturday WCS literacy intensive)
More details here:

Sunday “Dip Me Drop Me Slide Me Ride Me” suitable for dancers of any style (Ceroc, West Coast, Salsa, etc…) wishing to add these tricks to their own dancing. Booking required!
(NOTE this link is for the Sunday dips/drops/slides session)

Join us for social Parties Friday and Saturday night $25 at the door.

Friday (At the Loft Dance Studio, Panmure)
7:30 Fun intro workshop with Myles and Tessa (1 hour) $25 includes party.
8:30 Dance party till midnight

Saturday (Bliss Studio)
13:00-17:30 The Swing Literacy Intensive
17:30-19:30 Dinner break (2 hours)
19:30-20:15 WCS Intro Class 45 minutes suitable for brand new beginners taught by Myles and Tessa. Free if it’s your first time, otherwise $25 includes party till midnight
20:15-23:55 Dance party.

Sunday (Bliss Studio)
14:00-17:00 DipMeDropMeSlideMeRideme. Open to dancers from any style this workshop will not rely on WCS, it’s more about the techniques to perform these tricks cleanly and safely within your own dancing. Myles and Tessa are experts on this aspect of dancing. (3 hours)

Location: FRIDAY Basin View Ln, Panmure, Auckland 1702
Location: SAT/SUN 24 St Benedicts St, Eden Terrace

Limited Private lessons available US$140, msg Street Swing.


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